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From the setting wings of an early evening flight of decoyed ducks to the heart-stopping flush of Francolin over quivering English Pointers to the chant of Zulu beaters on a Guineafowl shoot to the numerous shots of incredible variety on a dove shoot to the glide of a giant Spurwing or Egyptian Goose comming into the decoys, we offer a world of wild game bird & waterfowl hunting in one country.

Members of Professional Hunters Association of SA and Safari Club International

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We are very fortunate in having a team of 11 dedicated full time Guides, all with heaps of dangerous game experience who are happiest when they are in the field hunting. Our Operations Manageress, Camp Manageresses and full time Videographers compliment our team...
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Ralph and Mary - Grace Crosby, General Sir Jeremy Mackensie, Jean de La Rochefoucauld and Friends
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Crosby Group hunting in Bloemfontein, Baynesfield, and Dundee from the 3rd July 2012 - 13th July 2012