Doves and Pigeons

Our doves and Pigeons are shot over harvested grain fields. They are either shot in the morning or afternoon depending on the flight.


Yellow-billed Duck, Red-billed Teal and White-Faced Duck are the three species we shoot out of grass or net blinds on the edge of small ponds. The Yellow-billed Duck and Red-billed Teal decoy extremely well. 

Francolin and Spurfowl

Francolin and Spurfowl are well suited to crop farming and are found in coveys around the grain lands. Francolin are shot over English Pointers.

Greywing Partridge

Greywing Partridge are found at higher altitudes in the Stormberg mountains. The terrain is breathtaking and the walking is challenging.

Spurwing Geese

The Spurwing Goose, the world’s largest, is shot along with the Egyptian Goose out of blinds over a spread of silhouette decoys. The Spurwing ganders average around 18 pounds each and are true trophies


Guinea fowl are presented to the guns in European style driven hunts. This is highly challenging shooting and creates an exiting atmosphere.